I have been a fan of a particular K-pop group since debut, and one of the members has been my ultimate bias for years. However, I have started to lose interest in my bias and I feel guilty about it, particularly because the main reason for my dwindling interest: their changing appearance due to plastic surgery.

At first I was in denial about my bias undergoing plastic surgery, and the changes were subtle enough for me to attribute them to other things, such as weight fluctuations or makeup. Eventually, the changes were so significant that I couldn’t deny it anymore – my bias clearly underwent some major cosmetic enhancements. I am not anti-plastic surgery – I am of the opinion that cosmetic enhancements are neutral, not necessarily good or bad, and that people shouldn’t be shamed for it. However, I just don’t find my bias to be as attractive anymore. I find it hard to get myself to keep up with them (+ their group) – it’s just really hard for me to not focus on the way my bias looks like a completely different person and the uncanny stiffness in their face.

I know that it’s normal for people to bias an idol due to their appearance, but part of me feels guilty and superficial for feeling less interested in my bias due to their change in appearance. Has anyone else experienced this before? 


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