Party A Who Lives Beside Me (2021) Review


Set in a contemporary urban workplace, “Party A Who Lives Beside Me ” tells the story of elite young man Li Zenan and rookie Ye Xuan who unknowingly embarks on the neighborhood romance.

The story is about a dreamy, “spicy” workplace girl, Ye Xuan (played by Wang Zi Xuan), who meets Li Zenan (played by Xie Binbin), a neighbor of Shanghai Piao’s elite, and they develop a “secret love” in the process of complaining about each other at work. As everyone knows, Li Zenan’s true identity is the “father of party A” who caused problems for Ye Xuan. The two shared the hardships of a workplace crisis, and upon uncovering the truth, they trusted each other and began a love story between the neighbors of “Party B” and “Party A Devil”.

Judging from the synopsis of the story now revealed by the play, the hero and heroine in the play are not only neighbors of each other, but also the much-discussed relationship between Party A and Party B. This is also one of the main points of the drama. While presenting the current situation of contemporary social animals, the drama uses an anti-circuit plot to project the young people’s trivialities in life and their discontent in the workplace, which will resonate with the audience and hit the pain points of society, and heal their hearts.

Li Zenan is 27 years old, a native of Jiangsu province, and the director of the marketing department of the Group in China. He is a domineering, high-cold, and dark man who is dedicated to his work and is comfortable in the workplace. In real life, he is a delicate, elegant person, does not drink milk tea and never eats spicy food, but loves to eat kimchi noodles.

Ye Xuan is a 23-year-old, trainee designer at 88 Ed. As a Sichuan girl, Ye Xuan likes spicy food and has a short temper, but on the outside, she appears like a shy girl. She graduated from University and with a keen talent for design, is a modest person in the workplace society, but in life, she is a cute girl who likes to complain about the workplace and does not have a temper or uncomfortable.

Hu Yani Di (Guanhua) is 27 years old, Li Zenan’s ex-girlfriend and owner of the famous restaurant brand Zhejiang Yaxuan. She’s part of the second generation of wealthy returnees who make their own way, with business acumen and strong investment vision.

He Yucheng (Zhu Ran) is 26 years old, 88 Ed’s photographer. As a second-generation Buddhist, he likes to hide his rich life, is very simple in his work and life, willing to help the newcomer Ye Xuan, which makes Ye Xuan think why Yucheng is like her.

“Party A Who Lives Beside Me” breaks the limitations of the traditional sweet drama. The script combines elements of office, love, and light joy, and mixes realism and romance. Workplace intrigues, disappointments, and losses in life will be shown to the audience, adding a little “sour, spicy” to this light comedy, which I believe will bring to the audience a pleasant viewing experience.


  • Drama: Party A Who Lives Beside Me
  • Native Title: 住在我隔壁的甲方
  • Also Known As: Party A Living Next To Me, Zhu Zai Wo Ge Bi De Jia Fang, Jyu Joi Ngo Gaak Bik Di Gaap Fong
  • Director: Sha Wei Qi
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 24
  • Airs: Sep 26, 2021 – ?
  • Airs On: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Original Network: Mango TV
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Content Rating: 13+ – Teens 13 or older