Over 90,000 Hong Kong Citizens Emigrate Abroad in One Year Amid Tighter Controls

More than 90,000 Hong Kong citizens have emigrated overseas in the past year, and the trend of citizens leaving Hong Kong is accelerating as the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Maintenance Law, which cracks down on anti-government activities, tightens its grip.

According to the Hong Kong government, 96,000 people emigrated from Hong Kong to overseas in the year from January to December last year, the highest number since Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997.

Estimates for the year from July last year to June this year also show that 89,000 people emigrated overseas, highlighting that the number of citizens moving abroad continues to be high.

The Hong Kong government explains that Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city and has always had a high level of population mobility, with many people going abroad to work or study, but local media reports that there is a growing trend of families moving to the UK and other countries to settle down, taking into account the education of their children.

In Hong Kong, after the Hong Kong National Security Law, which cracks down on anti-government activities, came into effect in June last year, there was a series of arrests of pro-democracy politicians and others. It is believed that these rapid changes in society are behind the accelerated migration abroad.