Out Of The Dream (2021) Review


“Out Of The Dream” is a modern urban romance directed by Huang Yingxiang and co-starring Yao Chi, Chan Yu Strontium, Fu Jing, Xie Xing Yang, and Wu Yu Heng, with special appearances by Jenny Sun and Yes An.

The play is adapted from the novel of the same name by Xiaoxu Xuanwei. It tells the story of Yu Fei, a young female Peking Opera performer, and Bai Fei Li, a secondary stage producer, who has a conflict of love, culture, and artistic philosophy, and grow up and breakthrough themselves in the conflict.

Bai Fei Li is played by Yao Chi who is the founder of the stage theatre studio, is exquisite and handsome. He carries a heavy past, and works hard for her dream of theatre. Chen Yu Si plays Yu Fei, a female Peking Opera veteran, she is full of anti-bone, love and hate are both extreme, insists on her dream, does not break, and promotes the traditional culture of Peking Opera.

Fu Jing transforms Guan Jiu, a tall, good singer, and dancer, a goddess of stage drama, but a programmer in her daily life. Dao Ge is played by Xie Xingyang, his real name is Wang Zhongqiang. He is a sentimentalist and Yu Fei’s hairdresser. Yu Fei’s cousin, Hao Shi (Wu Yu Heng), is an art student, shy and shy in appearance, full of love and persistence for his hobby of fashion design. Ling Jiu (Jenny Sun) is a pretty and beautiful actress with a clear goal and ambition, she likes Bai Fei Li.

Yu Fei, a female Peking Opera student, was expelled from the school after making a mistake; while Bai Fei Li, a producer of an old-fashioned stage play, was looking for an actress with Peking Opera skills for a new play, so they met. Yu Fei’s Peking Opera voice made Bai Fei Li’s stage play famous inside and outside the circle, but because of the death of his mother, the two broke off contact. When they met again, Yu Fei was already preparing for the professional drama school, and Bai Fili’s drama club was facing a new project crisis. When Yu Fei enters Bai Fili’s home for a part-time job, Bai Fili focuses on helping Yu Fei prepare for his exams; she gets to know his family better, and with the help of her grandparents, they finally fall in love.

In order for Yu Fei to concentrate on his Peking Opera career, Bai Fei Li broke up with her when she was at her worst; but after learning the truth, Yu Fei chose to help Bai Fei Li’s theater company to finish the performance. In the end, Yu Fei sang a different “Wu Zixu” on the stage of “Ding Sheng Chun Qiu”, and Bai Fei Li made the premiere of her new play “Nan Ge Ru Meng 2” full, and they walked hand in hand into the marriage hall.


  • Drama: Out Of The Dream
  • Native Title: 梦见狮子
  • Also Known As: Meng Jian Shi Zi, Dream of Lion, Meng Jian Shizi, Dreaming of Lion
  • Screenwriter: Zhang Xiao Han
  • Genres: Romance, Life, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 24
  • Airs: Oct 29, 2021 – ?
  • Original Network: iQiyi, Tencent Video
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Content Rating: 13+ – Teens 13 or older