Operation: Special Warfare (2022) Review


As of now, the series has a plot synopsis, but readers need to be reminded that this earliest plot synopsis can no longer summarize the true essence of “Operation: Special Warfare”. You may wish to take a peek at the following.

After joining the army, Qin Guan transformed into a devil instructor, demanding, the end of recruit training, the three students together were assigned to the newly formed Special Operations Group 8, the captain is none other than Qin Guan.

This kind of modern hot-fire combat drama is obviously in short supply in the current TV drama market. The audience’s enthusiasm is high, the market expectation is sufficient, then the formation of the rating results will be very dazzling.

The series tells the story of Qin Guan, a special duty squadron leader of the Armed Police Force, who is eager for revenge and fails to rescue the hostages by force during the operation, resulting in the escape of the terrorist “Blood Wolf” and the murder of the hostages. Qin Guan is demoted and punished.

When Qin Guan saw Ning Meng, a female student majoring in martial arts, doing justice in the streets, he was very impressed with her skills and mobilized Ning Meng to join the army. Liu Zhen Zhen and Chen Xuan from the same dormitory decided to enlist together with their friends. After joining the army, Qin Guan turns into a devil instructor with strict requirements, and at the end of the recruit training, the three students are assigned together to the newly formed Special Duty Group 8, whose captain is none other than Qin Guan. 

Three female students Ning Meng, Liu Zhen Zhen, and Chen Xuan were called up to join the army together. After being honed by Qin Guan and other armed police special service officers and soldiers, they entered the “Special Service Eighth Group” and the many experiences shape them as they grow.

The Group 8 of special duty is a sharp-edged unit, and its members are all very skilled. In several encounters with the “Blood Wolf”, many terrorist attacks were defused, but also experienced heavy bloodshed and sacrifice, the once ignorant girls grew up and became real special forces soldiers. Until finally the vicious terrorists were killed and the conspiracy of the international terrorist organization was defeated. The honor of the motherland was defended and the well-being of the people was guarded.

Qin Guan is the captain of the eighth group of Secret Service. He is handsome, brave, and good at fighting. He has high responsibilities and beliefs, but he is also a hot person on the inside. Ning Meng is an optimistic and cheerful girl. At the same time, she also has extraordinary persistence and hard work. She trained hard and grew quickly. And in the subsequent dangerous missions, Qin Guan and Ning Meng fell in love.


  • Drama: Operation: Special Warfare
  • Native Title: 特战行动
  • Also Known As: Te Zhan Xing Dong, Lan Se Shan Dian, Te Qin Di Ba Zu , Te Qin Ba Zu , 蓝色闪电 , 特勤第八组 , 特勤八组 , 特勤行動 , 藍色閃電 , 特勤第八組 , 特勤八組 , Blue Lightning , Special Ops Team 8
  • Director: Liu Bo
  • Genres: Action, Military, Romance, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 40
  • Airs: Jan 18, 2022 – ?
  • Original Network: CCTV, iQiyi, Tencent Video
  • Duration: 45 min.

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