One the Woman (2021)

One The Woman 2021 is a Korean drama that revolves around a prosecutor investigating a case who suddenly suffers an accident and the aftermath is memory loss. Not stopping there, after waking up, she suddenly exchanged her status with the daughter-in-law of a tycoon family and a series of events happened from here.

Before becoming a talented inspector, a strong girl named Jo Yeon Joo (Honey Lee) encountered many dangers in the course of her work, in which she met with a serious accident that made her memory think she was completely lost. Due to her appearance as the daughter-in-law Mi Na of a chaebol tycoon family, she started a new life in this rich family.

From there too, the talented inspector gets entangled in a relationship with Han Seung Wook (played by Lee Sang Yoon) – Mi Na’s husband, but still remembers her first love. There is also an equally important character, the announcer Park Soyi (played by Jung Hwa), who comes from a poor background and gradually rose through perseverance and ambition.

One The Woman will lead viewers with the story of a daughter-in-law who looks like a tycoon and the story of a fraudulent donor, a corrupt prosecutor who unwittingly changes her life. From there, her journey to recover her memories officially begins.


  • Drama: One the Woman
  • Native Title: 원 더 우먼
  • Also Known As: Wonder Woman, Won Deo Umeon
  • Director: Choi Young Hoon
  • Screenwriter: Kim Yoon
  • Genres: Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Drama
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release date: Sep 17, 2021 – Nov 6, 2021
  • Airs On: Friday, Saturday
  • Original Network: SBS
  • Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older
  • Stars: Lee Ha Nee, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Won Keun