Oli London Issues Apology To BTS Jimin And The Asian Community For Their Past Actions

Oli London, who is known for their obsession with BTS Jimin, has come out with an apology over their actions.

On August 31, Oli London took to their social media to share a lengthy apology letter for their past actions in regards to Jimin, BTS and the Asian community.

In their apology, they explain the backstory of what led to their obsession with BTS and specifically Jimin, they also stated that they’re currently undergoing therapy to deal with their unhealthy behavior.

They also apologized for the Asian community, and while they do state they identify as transracial and a Korean, they did not mean to cause offense to the Asian community. They also state that there should be no shame in identifying as a Korean.

You can read the apology down below!


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