Oh My Lord (2022) Review


The story is about the love story of Bai Li (played by Luo Zheng), a thousand-year-old lord, and Chen You You (played by Ji Mei Han), a ghostly girl, after they have become each other’s food in Fuxian City, where beauty is the priority. After they are forced to give marriage, in the set of mutual suspicion, mutual attack and defense, sweet love is derived, and a ridiculous and outrageous love is staged in Fuxian City.

It tells a love story about the smart and cheerful girl, Chen You You who was forced to marry the unpredictable Lord QianSui/ Bai Li.

Bai Li is the great eunuch who is highly relied upon by the city. The unpredictable Lord QianSui has a cold personality and became the first handsome man in Fuxian City. He hid his identity as a fake eunuch to find out the truth of the unjust case in the same year. Meanwhile, Chen You You is a smart and cheerful girl who really yearns for happy and free life, but her family is very strict with her.

The first trailer of “Oh My Lord” was released, and the funny and outrageous atmosphere was instantly filled. The story takes place in the city of Fuxian, where beauty is a priority, and the hero Bai Li is the top of this year’s beauty contest. Under the wrong circumstances, the ghostly girl Chen Youyou was forced to “commit” to Lord Bai Li in order to save her father, the fervent suitor met the icy beauty of the Youyou, whether it can melt the ice heart, and the gentleman to know.

The trailer released the first beautiful Bai Li met the ghostly “charlatan” Chen You You’re outrageous point, Chen You You’re a fervent suitor, coveting the beauty of Bai Li, step by step near the beauty of Bai Li. The two of them have a lot of fun with each other. The witty and sweet atmosphere between the two also filled the audience’s expectation, the cold-face Bai Li and the ghostly girl together in a hardcore outrageous sweet plot.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. This time, the two of them are again working together in an ancient sweet idol drama, renewing their previous relationship in Fuxian City. The two of them are the same as each other. The female lead, Ji Meihan, has a quirky look, her acting is fresh and natural without traces, her smile is soulful and lovely, and she has been highly praised inside and outside the industry for her natural acting and lovely looks.

The two of them are the “food” couple who discuss each other inside the drama, and the elementary school CP who play outside the drama. The two of them are looking at each other under the moon and “openly” spreading sugar on the set. The couple turned “a little off”, the happy couple in Fuxian City to renew their previous relationship, staged set love!


  • Drama: Oh My Lord
  • Native Title: 惹不起的千岁大人
  • Also Known As: 惹不起的千歲大人, Lord QianSui who can’t afford to offend, Re Bu Qi De Qian Sui Daren, Oh My Qian Sui Sama
  • Genres: Historical, Romance
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 15
  • Airs: Feb 14, 2022 – ?
  • Original Network: iQiyi