Nothing But You (2022) Review


“Nothing But You” is an urban romance idol drama co-produced by Graceful Films, Give Me Production, Wagga, and CGT, directed by Lan Zhiwei, starring Wang He-Run and Luo Zheng, with Zheng Xiyi in a special role.

This drama is adapted from the youth novel “Ta Ni Guang Er Lai” by best-selling author Zuo Tong, which tells the story of a pair of identical twins who swap their very different lives after an accident. The story of Jiang Li Li, who is forced to pretend to be her twin sister due to an accident, but at the same time, she falls in love with the “green tea” boss Lai Zheng Yi.

The story is about a pair of twin sisters who have very different personalities and different lives except for their identical appearance. The older sister, Bi Xiaoran, is an all-around gold producer, while the younger sister, Jiang Lili, is a gossip writer and public editor. Because of an accident, Jiang Li Li had to replace her sister as a producer. The two of them are linked together because of “pretending to be a couple”, but in the process of getting along, a series of funny and sweet stories occur.

The two of them have a series of hilarious and sweet stories. The sister Bi Xiaoran, who has a cold heart and a cold heart, also opens her heart to Qin Yanfei, who is always there for her, and bravely embraces a new relationship because of this accident. With the help of her assistant Ding Dong, Jiang Li Li not only protects her sister’s career but also helps her boss Lai Zheng Yi to untie the knot between him and his brother Lai Zheng Ling for many years.

The “Oxygen Goddess” Wang He-Run has received a lot of praise for her outstanding performance in “Dream Detective”, “Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures” and “The Longest Day in Chang’an”. In the drama, Wang He-Run who is a cold, but not the heart of the iceberg sister, and also is a funny and naive natural dull scum, the contrasting interpretation of two different lives will bring more surprises to the audience.

The new generation actor Luo Zheng is attracting a lot of attention for his outstanding facial value and hardworking and low-key personality in the online variety “Idol Producer”, and later for his role in the web drama “Love, Dream Eater! ” in the web drama “Make My Heart Smile” and got a lot of attention for his role as ‘Shiyi’ in the drama “Poisoned Love”. This time, Luo Zheng’s first attempt to play a “domineering president”, in addition to the need to portray the “stable and introverted” qualities of the boss, but also because of the role of the anti-circuit “dark green tea” interpretation of the persona, so that the character image more full and attractive. Make the character image more full of people look forward to.

The original novel “Ta Ni Guang Er Lai” is a romance novel written by Zuo Tong, which tells the story of Jiang Lili, a scrappy girl who accidentally swaps identities with genius producer Bi Xiaoran and becomes a national goddess in a leap of faith, and works hard on the road of chasing her dreams and love.

Jiang Li Li turns from a scrappy young woman into a famous producer with a golden identity, and her life unexpectedly goes to the top, but at this juncture, her ‘diamond-level’ manager boyfriend Lai Zheng Yi falls from the sky. She realized that for the sake of the TV station’s business competition, she was actually a hype couple bundled with Lai Zhengyi for business!

She was almost considered to be stepping on two boats by the media, and Mr. Lai finally issued a serious warning: “If you cuckold me again, don’t come to work tomorrow!

She struggles to plan the show in order to chase her dream, but Lai Zhengyi discovers her original identity, and at this time, the real famous producer also brings her identity to meet with Jiang Lili again…Stay tuned to see the drama unfold and the talented actors’ sharp transformations.


  • Drama: Nothing But You
  • Native Title: 眼里余光都是你
  • Also Known As: Yan Li Yu Guang Dou Shi Ni, My Eyes Are Full of You
  • Director: Francis Nam
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 0
  • Airs: Jan 10, 2022
  • Airs On: Monday
  • Original Network: iQiyi
  • Duration: 45 min.

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