New Jeans introduces themselves in ‘We Are NewJeans’



-I’m already in love with Haerin…

-They really planned this thoroughly. They definitely did. It’s amazing.

-How did they find these beautiful and charming girls?

-I am going to devote my fangirl life to Minji. No one can stop me. 

-I’m watching the video from my computer. I had to twist my neck to watch it properly.

-That is a really well-made videoㅋㅋ I was like, ‘Why is it so long?’, at first. But then I watched it until the end.

-I f*cking love how we get something new every day…

-Hmm… Should I buy their album?

-When are they going to reveal their title track?

-It’s dizzy to watch the video from the computer… I think I should go and watch it on my phone…

-Crazy… This is really charming…

-Whoa… The video is so freaking adorableㅋㅋㅋㅋ


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