Netizens admired the scene of Han So Hee in the teaser for “My Name”

Han So Hee transforms into a vengeful, cool fighting woman in a new Korean drama on Netflix.

Netflix has released the official teaser of the action series My Name starring actress Han So Hee. The first teaser revealed many dramatic and tense details revolving around Han So Hee’s bloody revenge journey.

The teaser begins with the appearance of Ji Woo (Han So Hee) in a police uniform. Accordingly, boss Moo Jin (Park Hee Soon), the largest drug gang boss in Korea, was the one who helped Ji Woo, a member of this criminal organization, disguise himself as Oh Hye Jin and infiltrate the world. police. After the death of his father, Ji Woo joined the organization and trained his body fiercely to find the truth and avenge his father.

Netizenbuzz comments:

  • It’s so expected, Han So Hee is so cool, so pretty.
  • Looking forward to the chemistry between Ahn Bo Hyun – Han So Hee.
  • I hope her acting is less stiff in this series, but in Nevertheless, she really can’t swallow the acting.
  • It’s so cool, I think Han So Hee suits badgirl-type images more than dumpling.
  • She was shocked at the very beginning of the teaser.
  • But honestly, she invited Han So Hee to be a model, it seems that she is not suitable for acting.