Netizenbuzz has been removed, Another site to go!

On September 24, 2021, the website was removed from the blogspot platform by (a Google blogging service).

What is Netizenbuzz?

If you are a KPop fans, you will surely see the word Netizenbuzz very familiar, especially young people who love kpop. and frequently use social media.

However, for many people, Netizenbuzz is quite strange and does not know the meaning of the word Netizenbuzz and they only understand the meaning of Netizen.

In fact, Netizenbuzz is a word that has been around since 2011. So what does Netizenbuzz mean?

Netizenbuzz is the place where kpop fans all over the world access to see Korean netizens’ comment information translated into English.
This is a website established by Koreans living and working in the US. They hope to help international kpop fans understand the comments and news surrounding K-Pop idols as well as share Korean online culture to the world.

Why was Netizenbuzz taken down?

When accessing the website you will receive the following message:

Blog has been removed
Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

Usually a website on blogspot is usually taken down by 2 cases:

1. The website is removed by the owner because they don’t want to develop it anymore and don’t want anyone to be able to access the website.

2. The site has seriously violated’s policies and Google will take action to handle this case, there will be a warning message if your violation is not too important. Besides, Google will remove it if the site seriously violates’s policies.

Website like

I am also a KPop fan and regularly visit netizenbuzz to watch news and read comments.
After the site was taken down I searched Netizenbuzz on Google and I found a website with similar content:, which also provides similar content translated into English. English from many sources like Pann, Theqoo, Naver… Visit it and share your experience with us under this article.