F*cking pretty. You really can’t hate her for her face

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1. [+151, -44]

She’s the prettiest in IVE

2. [+132, -4]

How can a kid like her get cast when she was in Jeju?ㅋㅋ Starship was so lucky. They already had AhnYoungz but they even got a kid like her coming into their arms

3. [+101, -2]

This has to be at least her middle school graduation picture so is it even possible to look like this? She must be freaking pretty

4. [+52, 0]

She was my classmate when I was in middle school and her face aside, her proportions were really a fraud. Her legs were freaking long, her face was freaking small and she was in the dance tea, so eevry time I saw her, I was just f*cking in awe. She was super skinny back then so that made her proportions even better. It wasn’t to the point that she was famous around school because of her case. She was kinda tanned and there was definitely a difference in her styling

5. [+51, -2]

Liz is seriously f*cking pretty when she lost a ton of weight and had blonde hairㅠ her face was seriously faultless

6. [+34, 0]

But Liz was from Hanra middle and high school and there were so many pretty girls that she didn’t really stand out in particular, but people were more wondering what happened with the ’04-’05 liners in Hanra middle school because of the amount of pretty girls… There’s no way that her face wouldn’t be popular..


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