(T/N: There’s been this “new” beauty standard going around in Korea where people would look at the length of your mid-face. Generally, a shorter mid-face/shorter nose/more centralized feature (짧은 중안부) is preferred. Knets usually bring up Jang Wonyoung for the ideal “short” mid-face)

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1. [+116, -6]
It’s gotta be the before no matter what…. the latter one doesn’t have Yoona’s unique naturally pretty vibe and kinda just looks like an influencer
2. [+81, -31]
The kids who are saying that the latter one is prettier really don’t have any sense of beauty… If your mid-face is too sohrt, you just look like a baby and it’s not pretty. It has to be just long enough (but it can’t be too long) so that you can have that mature, luxurious and sexy image
3. [+67, -6]
You turned a beauty into some baby who drinks breast milk
4. [+62, -6]
The left one looks more luxurious
5. [+54, -4]
Am I the only one who likes the left? The right one just looks like some people on Instagram that got edited to fit the current trend
6. [+35, 0]
The laatter one looks like those mass-produced Instagram-styleㅋㅋㅋㅋ
7. [+21, 0]
Straight up before. Please stop turning a pretty face into those no-chin, short mid-face edits you see on Insta whether through the use of filter or photoshop


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