[Netizen] Top 5 tours by Asian groups in the US

Top 5 tours by Asian groups in the US, but they are all K-Pop groups

#1 BTS 6 shows
#2 BTS 8 shows
#3 Seventeen 12 shows
#4 TWICE 9 shows
#5 Stray Kids 12 shows

1. BTS has few shows but their sales are so high

2. Wow TWICE is amazing

3. K-Pop is amazing~

4. Kingtan

5. I was curious about BLACKPINK and searched for their tour, but it was $11.2 million for 7 shows in 2019

6. BTS’s stadium tour was amazing

7. Wow TWICE is a girl group, but they’re amazing

8. Wow.. BTS is just living in another world

9. TWICE is a boy group without enlistment

10. As expected from Kingtan

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