But actually, the choreography made by Vata for ‘Ssaebbing” had a point choreography with the motorcycle dance move. But some years ago, a foreign choreographer already made the exact same choreography and posted it on Youtube

They’re both putting the same hand on the waist and the other hand extended and dragging their feet left and right

This cannot be a simple coincidence

We Dem Boyz is taking a jab at others for the most trivial parts that looked remotely similar, meanwhile they’re getting a pass for copying another choreography?

Vata needs to release feedback for doing the exact same dance

post response:


1. [+196, -23]

Even the way they bounce with their upper body is the exact same, the kids who are claiming this isn’t copied, where’s your shame?

2. [+177, -15]

This is a popular choreographer from overseas called Anze Skrube who made this choreography back in 2018. They’re the choreography team for ATEEZ. The dance team called BB Trippin even bought the choreography for ATEEZ’s Say My Name… Of course, Vata was in charge of another dance for ATEEZ but the one who invented that move was Anze Skrube. Why is he pretending like he came up with it and putting it in Ssaebbing? I want to ask this to Vata. Where did his shame go?

3. [+174, -57]

In dancing, a lot of movements need to connect to be considered plagiarism. Because so many single movements can be the same

4. [+151, -15]

??????????? The gif on top and at the bottom are practically copy pasted? That’s the same team who was calling out other teams for copying their movesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Wow the double standard is freaking solid 

5. [+130, -21]

This was the best part of the choreography and it was plagiarized?


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