[Netizen] Netizens talk about the economic value BTS contributes to Korea – Pannkpop

The economic value that BTS contributes to Korea is over 5 trillion won per year

I’m just watching the news. They are really amazing

1. I feel like their nationality is holding them backㅋㅋ Especially this year, I feel it’s even worse ㅜㅜ

2. The government, local authorities, and members of the National Assembly are all trying to take advantage of BTS

3. BTS is a Korean group, and I’m not even an ARMY… But seeing how BTS is treated in Korea, I feel sad

4. BTS members are all Korean, so I’m so happy, grateful and proud

5. What if BTS were from another country, I can’t even imagine

6. For BTS, their nationality seems to be the biggest weakness

7. Seriously BTS is awesome

8. However, Korea still doesn’t treat BTS well

9. I’m really tired of seeing BTS getting dragged into politics ㅠㅠ

10. BTS is a treasure of Korea

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