[Netizen] Netizens’ favorite members in IVE, LE SSERAFIM, and NewJean

Who is your favorite member in IVE, LE SSERAFIM, and NewJeans?

For me it’s Liz, Kazuha, and Hanni

1. Rei, Eunchae, Hanni

2. IVE Wonyoung, LE SSERAFIM Yunjin, NewJeans Minji

3. Gaeul, Yunjin, Haerin

4. Yujin, Chaewon, Minji

5. Rei, Kazuha, Minji

6. Yujin, Eunchae, Minji

7. Yujin, Yunjin, Danielle

8. Wonyoung, Yunjin, Hyein

9. Rei, Kazuha, Haerin

10. Ahn Yujin, Kim Chaewon, Hanni

11. Ahn Yujin, Sakura, Haerin

12. Liz, Kazuha, Minji

13. Jang Wonyoung, Kim Chaewon, Hanni

14. Liz, Eunchae, Hanni

15. Wonyoung, Chaewon, Haerin

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