+ black and white version~~

1. Oppa, I love you

2. Oppa… get married to me

3. Why is he so handsome nowadays?? No but he’s always been handsome but nowadays, when I look at his picture… they straight up give… adult man vibes… no but he’s already an adult but… you get what I mean…

> Ah agree, nowadays, he’s really a man. He’s already a man but he’s even more a man

4. Mark be mine

6. Seriously, something went wrong

7. Canada sexy hot guy…… Mark..

8. Crazy, I’m not even an NCTzen… but I got distracted looking at this post

9. I’m so angry at Mark nowadays. Seriously, why is he like this? Why is he flirting with me>

10. Mark-yah, you’re so badass…. don’t light up my heart……


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