Just looking at his physique, he’s the perfect example of a romance novel
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1. There’s this one too, he’s just wearing slippers but he’s inhumane with his physique

2. Wow is this how it feels… Daebak 

3. My mouth wont’ shut
4. I love models turned actors. First of all, their physique and aura are already set
5. ?????? He’s freaking fascinating, he doesn’t even look human???
6. What the? Why is he so heart fluttering? Ha…. I freaking like Lee Jongsukㅜ
7. Please shoot a romantic comedy just for me.. 
8. He has the physique but honestly, he’s also f*cking handsome. He’s a scam 
9. Wow what’s up with that height? He’s making my heart flutter and his face isn’t even there…
10. Yah… Just how much cooler will he look in real life


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