[Netizen] Jimin fans were found planning to plot a scandal for BTS Jungkook – Pannkpop

Recently a group chat full of Park Jimin akgaes was exposed for malicious plotting against BTS Jungkook and wishing ill on rest of the members.

Not only International PJMs but K PJMs are known for widely hating on other members since as early as 2016

PJMs are also widely known for bullying journalists, Content creators or translators. 

Jungkook fans were trending “Protect Jungkook” to amplify the issue and to raise awareness against cyber bullying that other members face due to immoral akgaes on BTS’s own sns platform weverse where members are more likely to see the hate directly. 

BTS are known to speak up against bullying, so it’s very sad to see one member’s fans hating on his brother.