[Netizen] Idol groups that Korean netizens trust and listen to – Pannkpop

Which idol group do you trust and listen to?

For me it’s BTS, Big Bang, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, Oh My Girl, Aespa, NewJeans, IVE, WINNER, ITZY

When these groups’ music comes out, I add them to my playlist

1. Oh My Girl, Seventeen, WINNER


3. ONF, Oh My Girl, ITZY, STAYC, Day6

4. BTOB, Day6, Kara

5. Day6, Red Velvet, NCT Dream, LE SSERAFIM

6. NewJeans has only released one album, but I like all the songs. I can’t wait for December

7. NewJeans, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, (G)I-DLE, Sunmi and Chungha

8. IU, Day6, Seventeen, NCT

9. SHINee, Seventeen, TXT

10. Day6, NCT, Baekhyun, GD

11. BTOB, Red Velvet, (G)I-DLE, Oh My Girl, Seventeen, Highlight, IU


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