I hope that she’s healthy. I’m f*cking worried

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1. [+223, -54]

This is indeed worrying. Does she not eat?.. This isn’t a hate comment and I know that she’s managing herself well but at this point, it’s a bit severe

2. [+153, -80]

Does it make sense to you to ask someone skinny if they are starving and that they look like a skeleton. Stop saying that

3. [+124, -31]

You guys sure are good at saying rude things to skinny people since you’re unable to call fat people “fat”. I seriously hate this

4. [+84, -44]

Worry about your own body…

5. [+74, -107]

She’s eating f*cking well, I bet that she’s healthier than you

6. [+61, -3]

No but I already thought that Jang Wonyoung was freaking skinny during her Produce days but maybe because I got used to her current body now, looking back at her Produce days, she just looked prettily skinny;;; For real, I used to think that she was severely skinny during Produce but because she’s so skinny now, she doesn’t look as skinny before anymore