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For me, I find dark circles kinda charming

I find kids with natural dark circles prettier when they don’t cover them up

But I really don’t like people who put makeup to create dark circles. It has to be natural dark circles. When you have a considerable amount of dark circles, it rather makes your eyes look bigger

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1. [+132, -3]

Men with white skin… it’s so rare

2. [+108, -4]

You’re talking about the vibes like Sulli and Kim Bora. Like those red-ish dark circles. They have pretty dark circles but if you had dark circles like me, I just look like I haven’t slept

3. [+90, -5]

I like the gaze of people who are good at studying when they are solving a problem.. When they are f*cking fixated on the homework and wear a watch

4. [+74, -5]

For me, it’s men with a chest… When it shows under their clothes, I find it charming

5. [+71, -2]

People with dimples

6. [+68, -2]


7. [+49, -2]

People with big monolids eyes are so rare… they do exist but they almost don’t exist. There are also a bunch of kids who have pretty eyes but who get double eyelids surgery as soon as they turn adultsㅠ


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