Netflix’s ‘D.P.’ gives an intimate glimpse into Korean army traditions

The Netflix drama, “D.P.: Deserter Tracker,” which portrays a D.P. (Deserter from the Army) who catches deserters and confronts the cruel reality of their various circumstances, is gaining popularity not only in South Korea but also in Japan and other countries around the world. While the drama is gaining popularity not only in South Korea but also in Japan and other countries around the world, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) has officially responded to the drama’s portrayal of harsh practices in the military.

The drama is based on the webtoon “D.P. Dog Days,” which has been viewed more than 10 million times due to its unique material of “soldiers catching deserters” and its unvarnished depiction of the inconvenient realities of the military and society.

At a regular briefing on April 6, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense, Moon Hong-sik, was asked if the Ministry of National Defense’s official position was that “there were reports that military officials said that the drama’s backdrop of the 2014 Ilsong unit could not be seen as absurd,” to which he replied, “The barracks environment is changing.

He continued, “Up until now, the Ministry of National Defense and the armed forces have been making continuous efforts to innovate the barracks so that absurdities in the barracks, such as assault and harsh behavior, can be eradicated. As you know well, we would like to tell you that we are now changing the barracks environment so that malicious incidents such as the use of cell phones after the daily routine is over cannot be covered up,” he stressed.

In response, a military official said, “The current environment in the barracks is completely different from the one that served as the background for the drama. Nowadays, if an assault or other incident occurs, there are many channels that allow soldiers to report it immediately, in addition to their personal cell phones,” he said.

At the same time, Deputy Spokesperson Moon was asked whether the wearing of military uniforms by the actors in the drama series was in violation of existing laws. However, exceptions are made for cultural and artistic activities,” he explained.