My Life, Mom Life (2021) Review


Mutsumi Kameyama directs and writes the screenplay for “My Life, Mom Life”, a film by female creators born in the Heisei era about “how women should live in the future”.

On her 30th birthday, her husband Kentaro (30) confesses to her that he wants to have a child soon. Aya, who has been living for three years without having the courage to get pregnant or have a baby, is fed up with Kentaro’s forceful appeal for a child. Aya spends her days absorbed in her work, is fed up when her husband, who after three years of married, tells her it is time for them to have a child. 

When Yamazaki, a mother who works while raising her child, applies for shortened working hours, Aya and her colleagues are forced to take on more work. Aya sees the unfriendly reality of the workplace and postpones her decision to have children.

Meanwhile, Saori (30), who works at an insurance company while raising two children aged four and one and a half, has given up the job she really wants and devotes her days to her children. Saori’s frustration with her husband’s lack of help with housework and childcare has been mounting. However, as her husband works diligently, she finds it difficult to express her true feelings.

One autumn, Aya is asked to manage an event for a family experience program called “Family Study Abroad” at work. Aya meets Saori’s family during the “Family Study Abroad” experience. Aya is unable to understand the feelings of a working mother with a child and ends up hurting Saori.
This is the story of two people who meet through the “Family Study Abroad” program and gradually unravel the tensions in each other’s lives as well as gradually unravel their differences.

A feature film that won the Audience Award in the Competition section of the 14th Tanabe Benkei Film Festival in 2020, depicting the struggles and hopes of two women who face the difficulties of modern life.

The movie is an experience about the feeling of motherhood and the problem of the boundary between career and family. This is also a problem that most couples have to face after getting married because it affects not only daily life but also the matter of a family. You watch the movie and feel, take your loved ones to watch the movie together to understand each other. The movie will not disappoint you.


  • Movie: My Life, Mom Life
  • Native Title: マイライフ、ママライフ
  • Also Known As: My Life, Mama Life
  • Director & Screenplay: Mutsumi Kameyama
  • Script Supervisor: Kyoko Goukai
  • Music: Chiyo Kubota
  • Country: Japan
  • Release Date: Sep 29, 2021
  • Stars: Anna Hachimine, Takae Obana, Masaru Mizuno, Ryo Ikeda, Erisa Yanagi, Kurumi Nakata and others

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