My Daddy (2021) Review


Director of the movie “My Daddy”, Kanai Junichi of Choki and Yurusenai, I Want to See You, adapts his own project “Finding Daddy”, which won the runner-up prize at the TSUTAYA CREATORS’ PROGRAM FILM 2016 film creator support program.

Mido Kazuo is the pastor of a small church. His wife passed away eight years ago, and he has been raising his only daughter Hikari, who is now in junior high school, by himself. He is a kind, funny, good-natured, and sincere man, who is loved by everyone as a pastor and is relied on even when he works part-time. Hikari grows up to be a good, honest child, and although they are not wealthy, they lead happy life. One day, Mido Kazuo finds out that his beloved daughter is ill. The role of Hikari is played by newcomer Noa Nakata, who was selected as a finalist in the 8th Toho Cinderella Audition and made her debut in the film “We Are Little Zombies”.

Muro Tsuyoshi, who has been an actor for 25 years, plays the lead role in the movie for the first time. He plays Kazuo Mido, a good-natured and sincere father who struggles to save his beloved daughter. A human drama about a father’s desperate attempt to save his daughter!

The novel version has been adapted for the screen from his books Laughing Maneki Neko and One Day on the Duck Bus, as well as Mix. The novel version is written by Yukihisa Yamamoto, who is also known for his novelizations of the “Confidence Man JP” series (Romance version and Princess version). The book contains episodes that are not shown in the movie and the emotions of the characters, depicting the loving bond between father and daughter with a different approach from the movie. The cover illustration is by Kazuo Kawakami, who has worked on many book covers and illustrations, including those by Jiro Asada and Kiyoshi Shigematsu. The light colors and soft touch express the relationship between Kazuo and Hikari.

A past that cannot be confirmed. Still, he wants to save his beloved daughter. The sad desperation of one father and one daughter will bring tears to the eyes of the viewer.

Mido Kazuo (Muro Tsuyoshi) lives alone with his junior high school daughter Hikari (Nakata Noa). His beloved wife, Etsuko (Nao), passed away eight years ago. Kazuo works as a pastor at a small church and works part-time at a petrol station while raising Hikari on his own. Hikari, who is now in her adolescence, is a bit rebellious at times, but she loves her father, who is kind and funny. As a pastor, he is loved by many people, and Kazuo thinks that their peaceful and happy days will continue, despite the occasional petty quarrel with his daughter.

One day, Hikari suddenly collapses. The diagnosis given at the hospital is “leukemia”. Kazuo is confused and can’t accept the fact, but he manages to tell Hikari the name of the disease with his own mouth.

“I’ll …… do my best,” he murmured to Hikari as if he had made up his mind. “I’ll do my best,” he replies.

After a period of treatment and the efforts of father and daughter, Hikari manages to get over her painful illness and is released from the hospital. Kazuo is filled with joy, but then the doctor in charge tells him a shocking truth…

This will be a family love story, making you unable to hold back your tears, sympathy, and love for family love. Hope you will have a pleasant experience watching the movie “My Daddy “


  • Movie: My Daddy
  • Native Title: マイ・ダディ
  • Also Known As: Mai Dadi
  • Screenwriter & Director: Kanai Junichi
  • Genres: Drama
  • Country: Japan
  • Release Date: Sep 23, 2021
  • Stars: Muro Tsuyoshi, Nakada Noa, Nao, Maiguma Katsuya…