Moebius: The Veil (2021) Review


Park Ha-sun, who left the MBC Friday-Saturday drama ‘The Veil’ due to death, is returning.

The two-part spin-off “Moebius: The Veil” of “The Veil”, which ended last week, released a poster with a strong visual on the 25th. The charisma of Park Ha-sun (as Seo Su-Yeon), who will show viewers a story different from the main story of ‘The Veil’, attracts attention.

” Moebius: The Veil” deals with the past of the characters based on the worldview of “The Veil”. It is planned to unravel the story of four years ago in the form of a ‘prequel’ centering on Seo Su-Yeon (Park Ha-sun), Jang Cheon-woo (Jung Moon-Seong), and Do Jin-sook (Jang Young-Nam).

The poster released on this day shows Park Ha-sun walking while holding a gun. Her determination and loneliness are felt in the back of her as she walks towards a bright place with her back to the darkness. It raises the curiosity of what happened to Seo Su-Yeon, a NIS agent who has not yet experienced ‘blackening’ four years ago.

The phrase “the beginning and the end of everything is connected” is reminiscent of the spin-off’s title, “Moebius.” Attention is focused on what kind of story Su-Yeon Seo and Cheon-woo Jang have, who hinted at a special companionship and amplified curiosity, and how the story of the two people who are connected in the past and present will form a ‘Moebius’ and complete one narrative.

First, unlike the story of the main story dealing with the last ‘enemy’ wrapped in a veil in pursuit of lost memories and the truth of past events, ‘Moebius: The veil’ tells the story of NIS agents who are active in another case 4 years ago from the main story. deals with Seo Su-Yeon (Park Ha-sun), a supportive management team that supports and manages NIS field agents in China, Jang Cheon-woo (Jung Moon-sung), a black agent of the National Intelligence Service who works under the hood, and Do Jin-suk (Jang Young-Nam), the deputy director of overseas parts, face a huge incident.

In particular, in ‘The veil’, after the death of his lover Oh Kyung-Seok (Hwang Hee) a year ago, Seo Su-Yeon’s past history is revealed, who suffered ‘blackening’ and closed the door of her heart. Unlike the main story, which showed empty eyes and a cold expression, her bright and courageous time is revealed, adding a three-dimensional effect to her character. You can see the reason why Seo Su-Yeon joined the National Intelligence Service and how she changed afterward, as well as the past of the characters who appeared in the main story of ‘The veil’.

In addition, the black agent Jang Cheon-Woo, who possesses impeccable coolness, stimulates interest by revealing the relationship between Seo Su-Yeon and her past. In addition, the story of female agents in the NIS, including Do Jin-sook, who has been called the ‘Iron Lady’ while maintaining her position as the head of the overseas part amid the waves of power struggles, is drawn in more detail and attracts attention as it is said to bring a different kind of fun.

The production team of ‘Moebius: The veil’ stimulated the expectations of drama fans, saying, “In the spin-off, it is a prequel that can three-dimensionally understand the characters of the main story through the personal narratives of the characters that could not be met in the main story.”


  • Drama: Moebius: The Veil
  • Related Content: The Veil (Korean parent story)
  • Native Title: 뫼비우스: 검은 태양
  • Also Known As: Moebiuseu: Geomeun Taeyang, Moebius: Black Sun
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Mystery, Crime
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 2
  • Airs: Oct 29, 2021 – Oct 30, 2021
  • Airs On: Friday, Saturday
  • Original Network: MBC
  • Content Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)