Masquerade Night (2021) Review


The story takes place at the Cortesia Tokyo, a luxury hotel that has been identified as a potential site for the next in a series of unannounced murders, as Kosuke Nitta (played by Kimura Takuya), a detective in the Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Division, struggles to unmask the “masquerade” of unknown guests. The movie stars Takuya Kimura as the lead, Masami Nagasawa as the heroine, and Fumiyo Kohinata, Nanao, Katsuhisa Namase, and Takako Matsu as the gorgeous actors.

“Masquerade Night” is the sequel to the film. Based on the popular novel, the third in a series that has sold a total of 4.45 million copies, the story revisits the difficult events that take place at the Hotel Cortesia Tokyo in the Masquerade Hotel.

“Masquerade Night” takes place on New Year’s Eve at the Hotel Cortesia Tokyo. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department receives a tip-off that the culprit of a certain murder will appear at the Hotel Cortesia Tokyo’s masquerade countdown party “Masquerade Night”.

With only a clue that the culprit will appear at the party, will he be able to find the culprit among the 500 partygoers who are dressed up and hiding their true faces? The film follows the lives of 500 masked partygoers, all of whom are unknown to the police and they struggle to find the culprit.

Takuya Kimura and Masami Nagasawa team up! The lead role is played by Takuya Kimura. He plays Kosuke Nitta, an elite detective in the Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation who works undercover as a receptionist. The heroine, Masami Nagasawa, will also continue to play the role.She is played by Masami Nagasawa. As a detective, Nitta’s first priority is to catch the criminals, and he tries to remove the masks of the guests, while as a hotelier, Yamagishi’s first priority is to protect the guests’ masks.

Three murders take place in Tokyo. A series of inexplicable numbers left at all the crime scenes leads to an investigation into the murders as a series of warning signs. Kosuke Nitta deciphers the numbers and discovers that the Hotel Cortesia Tokyo is the location of the fourth murder. However, there are no clues to the killer. The police decide to go undercover at the Cortesia Tokyo, and Nitta becomes the hotel’s front desk clerk in pursuit of the killer. He is assigned to train Naomi Yamagishi, an excellent front desk clerk at Cortesia Tokyo.

As a detective, his first priority is to catch the culprit and he tries to unmask the guests. “On the other hand, Naomi tries to protect the masks of the guests because she is a hotelier and her priority is the safety of the guests. The two clash many times due to the differences in their positions, but as their undercover work progresses, they come to understand each other’s values as professionals, and a strange relationship of trust gradually develops between them. But then the case takes a sudden turn. The police and the hotel are in a tight spot.

The movie will be an interesting real-life experience for you because everyone who sees the film to immerse themselves in the scene, to become witnesses to the events as characters, with a connection between the screen and the audience.


  • Movie: Masquerade Night
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  • Native Title: マスカレード・ナイト
  • Also Known As: Masquerade Hotel 2 , Masukaredo Naito , Masukaredo Hoteru 2 , マスカレード・ホテル2
  • Director: Suzuki Masayuki
  • Screenwriter: Okada Michitaka
  • Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Business
  • Country: Japan
  • Release Date: Sep 17, 2021
  • Duration: 2 hr. 9 min
  • Stars: Kimura Takuya, Nagasawa Masami, Kohinata Fumiyo, Tsurumi Shingo, Sawamura Ikki…