Love in Shanghai (2021) Review


The story revolves around two university classmates who traveled far from home to Shanghai to pursue their dreams. “Love in Shanghai” tells the story of Li Wenjia (Wang Luodan), a girl returning to her hometown, Shanghai, and Xu Dongyang (Guo Jingfei), a young man from the northeast seeking employment in Shanghai. The story of the two, who met in 2003 due to SARS, met and separated in the flood of fate, and met again in 2020 during the “new” epidemic.

The story of the two people’s ups and downs of destiny, while witnessing the 17 years of urban changes in Shanghai. At the same time, the TV series “Love in Shanghai” is also the first “8K full-process” TV production in the country, which is also a qualitative leap at the technical level. We look forward to Li Wenjia and “Love in Shanghai “.

“Love in Shanghai” starring Guo Jingfei and Wang Luodan tells the story of a man and a woman who weigh in on love and career and reap the benefits of happiness. Meeting again in Shanghai, both have their own paths in their careers, they have sincere love for each other. After confirming their feelings, they decided to get married. They have suffered many setbacks in their careers including being forced into work as well as facing many struggles to build a life together.

To say that the male lead of this drama is played by Guo Jingfei, Dong Yang, Guo Jingfei’s acting skills are obvious to the audience, has brought the audience very many wonderful works, such as “She is Beautiful”, “When We Are Together” and other film and television works.

The female lead Wang Luodan plays Wen Jia, when seeing Wang Luodan in this drama, the audiences are very excited, her acting skills are very good, had appeared in many TV series, ratings are guaranteed.

Wang Luodan is a very charming and personal actress, not only has exquisite facial features, but her temperament is also very good, with a sunny personality and extremely serious attitude, is a very expressive actor, while the eyes reveal stubborn defiance when the audience again see Wang Luodan, starring in a TV series, is also very joyful.

The most important thing is that there are not only high-value men and women in this drama, Shao Wen also starred in this drama, speaking of Shao Wen believe that we should not be unfamiliar, can be described as an acting actor, with solid and down-to-earth acting skills, had “Beijing Hua Yan Yun”, the original weak character of Zeng Flap Ya interpretation of the gods, has starred in the “happiness forward” “next marriage” and other plays, leaving a deep impression on the audience The impression, much like netizens.

The netizens said Wang Loudan and Guo Jingfei two people from the university who graduated to work in Shanghai, looks really couple sense, also some people said “never thought couple sense actually still good! Wang Luodan is really beautiful” “not only is the strength of the school, face value and online haha” “two people’s CP sense, really looking forward to ah” and so on.

I have to say, Guo Jingfei in this drama is very handsome, and the female lead Wang Luodan’s face is not bad, the two main actors are not only strength, the strong team believes that will bring the audience more exciting film and television works, see the two main actors face, but netizens have also commented that the ratings are stable!


  • Drama: Love in Shanghai
  • Native Title: 两个人的上海
  • Also Known As: Liang Ge Ren De Shang Hai, Two People’s Shanghai, Shanghai Dream, Shanghai For Two, Two People In Shanghai
  • Genres: Romance, Life, Drama, Melodrama
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 35
  • Aired: Nov 16, 2021 – ?
  • Aired On: Tuesday
  • Original Network: Dragon TV
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Content Rating: 13+ – Teens 13 or older

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