Louisiana man offers adaptive bikes to children with special needs

A Louisiana man provides adaptive bicycles for children with special needs.

Andrew McLindon has worked for years with the McLindon Family Foundation in Baton Rouge. He brings opportunities to children with disabilities to have fun.

“It’s just beautiful,” he said. “I mean a lot of times the children, it’s been kept a surprise, and they get a bike and their reactions, you know, one little boy said, ‘A bike for me, a bike for me,’ he couldn’t believe that someone was going to buy him a bike.’”

The McLindon Family Foundation aims to help children with special needs gain core strength, increase self-confidence, and develop friendships.

Specialty bikes can cost thousands of dollars, making them out of reach for some families. As a result, when families are informed that they will receive a present, they are often overwhelmed.

McLindon recalled making a phone call to the mother of a child with special needs. He informed her that the organization would provide her child with a set of wheels.

“I’m going to buy this bike for you and we will have it to you in three weeks, and the phone when silent for two minutes … and she came back and she was weeping,” he said according to Breitbart.

McLindon shared that children would watch their siblings and neighbors ride bikes before. But “now they were part of that, so you can imagine emotionally and psychologically the difference between that,” he explained.

The organization released a photo of a Georgia girl riding her purple bike in a social media post on Tuesday, Dec. 21.

A young man called Chandler from Texas is also shown receiving his Christmas dream in another shot.

This foundation has positively changed more than 400 children’s lives. It aspires to expand further.