Lie to Love (2021) Review


The story is based on the novel of the same name by Mu Fusheng. It tells the story of a handsome CEO, Li Zeliang (Leo Luo), who falls in love with a young girl, Su Xie Yi (Cheng Xiao), but is separated by an accident. It is reported that in the drama, Li Zeliang is patient and tolerant in the face of Su Xie Yi, who seeks revenge on him. The two of them have a lot of “mutual abuse” in this drama, but fortunately, the ending is still sweet, so netizens who like to get high on CP “sugar” should definitely pay attention to this drama.

In this drama, a sunny and free man named Li Zeliang meets a young girl named Su Xie Yi, and as if it is their destiny to meet, they fall in love with each other and have the most unforgettable time of their lives. However, their sweet dream is woken up by an accident and they disappear from each other’s lives overnight. The two meet again years later under the cover of a fog, and Li Zeliang’s already cold heart is rekindled by Su Xie Yi, who opens his heart once again. The story of Li Zeliang and Su Xie Yi, who go through numerous challenges and choices on the road to love, from looking at each other in disgust to loving and affectionate, and finally reunite.

A sudden change leaves Su Xie Yi’s family in ruins, but all clues point to her lover Li Zeliang as the instigator. In order to find out the truth of all these events, Su Xie Yi disguises her amnesia and wanders around her former lover, Li Zeliang. In this romantic and dangerous game, Su works every step of the way to bring Li Zeliang’s career to its knees. However, as the truth about the incident is uncovered, Su Xie Yi realizes that she has been wrong about Li Zeliang, and comes to her senses as she tries to salvage the relationship in her own way, while Li Zeliang responds with a seal engraved with their names. Having found each other again after drastic changes, can they protect their hard-earned romance?

In addition to the exciting plot and the anticipated cast, the creative team is also one of the highlights of the drama, which is in tune with the tone of the drama. The original story of “Li Zeliang-Su Xie Yi” is not only full of emotional changes, but also layers of complex character relationships, which poses a considerable challenge to the scriptwriting and directing team. Director Chen Chang, who previously directed “Mad About You”, is good at handling delicate emotional lines in urban dramas and creating a romantic atmosphere that fits the characters in the drama, which is well-liked by the audience. Golden Harvest Pictures has previously produced a number of modern urban dramas, such as “No Secret”, “Half Honey, Half Injury”, etc. Golden Harvest Pictures has been deeply involved in the romantic drama circuit in recent years and is good at producing (superior-quality, super-romantic, sweet-love) dramas, and this drama interweaves action and love lines on the basis of love as the core, giving the love story richer background support and a more characteristic presentation, which is a different It is a different kind of romantic drama.

The main creative team of “Lie to Love” will present the romantic love story of searching for the truth and guarding the love in the drama. With gorgeous looks and excellent acting experience by the actors, the popularity of this drama has been very high, I wonder what kind of wonderful performance will be brought to you in “Lie to Love” this time, look forward to it!


  • Drama: Lie to Love
  • Native Title: 良言写意
  • Also Known As: Liangyan Xieyi , Liang Yan Xie Yi
  • Director: Chen Chang
  • Genres: Romance, Life, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 32
  • Airs: Sep 22, 2021 – ?
  • Original Network: Tencent Video
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Stars: Leo Luo, Cheng Xiao, Ji Xiao Bing, Tian Yi Tong, Gao Han, Li Jia Jie, Guan Zi Jing, Tang Jing Mei