Lee Jung Jae To Reprise His Role In Spin-Off Series From “Deliver Us From Evil”

Lee Jung Jae has confirmed to reprise his role “Ray” from the movie “Deliver Us From Evil” in a new series called “Ray.”

The spin-off of the movie “Deliver Us From Evil,” which was released in the summer of 2020 and was a hit with 4.35 million viewers during the pandemic, will be produced as a global OTT series.

On August 26, Hive MediaCorp, the production company of “Deliver Us From Evil,” and artist studio, the production company of “Hunt,” announced to the media that they have decided to co-produce a global project “Ray” featuring the character “Ray” in the movie played by actor Lee Jung Jae.

“Ray” is the character played by Lee Jung Jae, a Korean-Japanese killer who pursues “In Nam” played by Hwang Jung Min for revenge in “Deliver Us from Evil.” “Ray” is loved as an attractive villain whose identity is unknown at the time of the movie’s release. “Ray” will feature a showdown with various villains around the world who are his targets since the birth of killer Ray. Attractive villains comparable to “Ray” will be built as a  “Villain Universe” in the future and will be expanded to a new series.

The production team participating in “Ray” is also spectacular. First of all, Lee Jung Jae will not only appear again as the attractive villain “Ray” he portrayed in the movie, but also participate in production, and he is also considering directing.

In addition, writer Kim Sang Eun, who wrote the “D.P” series, director Shin Woo Seok, and director Hong Won Chan, who directed “Deliver Us From Evil,” will be in charge of the creators, and Hong Kyung Pyo, filming director of “Deliver Us From Evil,” “Parasite,” who has been praised worldwide.

CJ ENM, which invested in and distributed “Deliver Us From Evil,” is also discussing various collaboration plans with production companies for the global success of the series “Ray.”

The global project ‘Ray’ will begin pre-production work in earnest in 2023.

Are you excited about this series?

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