Lee Do Hyun’s Instagram Account Gets Hacked, Posts Deleted + Hacker Continues To Post Weird Messages

Actor Lee Do Hyun’s Instagram account has been hacked!

A couple of hours ago, fans noticed something was wrong with Lee Do Hyun’s Instagram account. Suddenly, the posts were getting deleted until all of them were eventually gone. Added to that, the account began following random people as well.

The hacker then proceeded to begin posting weird messages onto the account. The first photo was of a rat with the caption, “owned by ratobot #ratobot.” The account then posted a photo of the Brazilian flag leading fans to believe the hacker could be Brazilian. The posts that followed were written in Portuguese.

Since its the early hours in South Korea, right now, fans have not heard back from the label yet.

We hope he gets back his account soon.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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