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KShowonline – Korean Reality TV shows with attractive scripts are loved not only in Korea but also around the world. Let’s take a look at the best of popular Korean reality TV shows this year with East Asian Times!

#1 Running Man

No. 1 in Korean reality TV shows, there is no better candidate than Running Man. This is a program produced by KBS, has a record number of viewers and worldwide popularity. Up to now, the show has been aired for 10 years, but the popularity has never decreased, but on the contrary, the ratings are still increasing day by day.

The members participating in the program are all famous stars, so it attracts more and more followers. Each broadcast episode will have a different theme, players must perform the tasks and challenges that the program offers. It can be fun games, adventure games, etc.

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#2 The Return of Superman

If you're looking for family-themed Korean reality shows, The Return of Superman is a perfect suggestion. This reality show is organized and produced by KBS with the participation of famous "breastfeeding fathers".

In the program, fathers will perform the task of taking care of their children alone for 48 hours. Father and children will participate in new activities such as swimming lessons, making cookies, learning Ballet dance, .. or completing tasks that their mother "entrusts". After watching the show The Return of Superman, many breastfeeding mothers had to exclaim because fathers take care of their children too well.

#3 Show Me The Money

As a music lover in general and a rap lover in particular, Show Me The Money is truly for you. The format of Show Me The Money changes with the seasons. However, it still revolves around the form of the South Korean game show, the contestants will compete with each other, the number of players will be gradually eliminated through the challenges and finally, find a winner.

Seasoned rappers will collaborate with rookie rappers. They act as producers both as examiners and as mentors for candidates. The success of "Show Me The Money" has brought rap culture closer to the public and contributed to the popularity of Korean entertainment programs.

#4 Knowing Brother

Knowing Brother is one of the South Korean reality shows that gathers top idol stars such as Kang Ho Dong, Lee Sang Min, Kim Yeong Chul, Lee Soo Geun, Kim Hee Chul, Seo Jang Hoon, and Min Kyung Hoon. 

The program is built in the format of a school model talk show. In each episode, the guests will act as new transfer students and will answer questions sent from viewers in turn. The show is funny and playful, making the audience laugh. Guests coming to the show are famous singers, actors, and idol groups, who are comfortable expressing themselves, very friendly, this also has helped idols get closer to the audience.

#5 I Live Alone

What is the daily life of single people like? How lonely are they, how should they be understood and sympathized? All are answered in I Live Alone - one of the popular Korean reality shows.

I Live Alone has the presence of many singers, actors, and celebrities. This is a bright spot that helps the show become more attractive to viewers. Behind the perfect appearance and the life many people dream of, our stars also have hidden corners, feelings that need to be expressed and shared.

#6 We Got Married

The top 10 best Korean reality TV shows can't be without the name We Got Married - a TV Show made by MBC. The content of the program is the fictional married life of two stars who are paired together based on each person's personality and ideal boyfriend/girlfriend. They will date together, experience married life that like a real couple.

Interesting and humorous situations in married life have brought the audience laughter and a lot of fun times. Many couples in We Got Married have been expected by fans to turn from fake into real love like Alex and Shin Ae, Nich Khun and Victoria, etc.

#7 Law of The Jungle

Law of the Jungle is a reality documentary show starring comedian Kim Byung Man and his 'tribe'. They will go to the loose lands in the wild to explore and try to survive. Law of the Jungle is the most realistic show in South Korean when participating stars are taken to places separate from the modern world outside, without phones, without the Internet... and find a way to live on their own, exist in the natural environment.

#8 Infinity Challenge

Infinity Challenge is a South Korean reality show. In 2015, the first digital broadcast, after 13 long years of broadcasting (in 2018), Infinity Challenge officially ended in the fans' regret.

Although no longer broadcast, this national program still won the hearts of many viewers. Laughter is made up of challenging situations that are difficult to implement and sometimes somewhat absurd.

#9 The Its Know

The Its Know is not a funny Korean show but more like a program to solve a case, to find the hidden truth. It is one of the oldest Korean reality TV shows. The meaning of the name The Its Know is "That's what we want to know".

The content of the program is to dig up old cases and expose authentic information and evidence (maybe never-before-published) to get closer to the truth. This informations and evidences do not come from the owners of the program team, but they call for sharing from relevant people.

#10 Kang’s Kitchen

Kang Kitchen (Kang Restaurant, also known as "New Journey to the West") is a South Korean food-reality show that airs on tvN. Together, they opened a restaurant on Jeju Island. In which, Kang Ho-dong is the chef, the rest of the members are in charge of ordering, preparing ingredients, etc. The guests are randomly selected from those queuing outside the restaurant.

Kang Kitchen is one of the best and extremely interesting and engaging Korean reality shows. Those who love Korean food shows definitely don't miss it!

#11 Begin Again

When participating in Begin Again, famous singers will travel to faraway parts of the world, where no one may know who they are. There, these stars will have to introduce to the local people through their own music. The participating artists will all be people who have enough experience and real talent to be able to conquer others through music. When watching the show, the audience will be enjoyed the live songs, possibly creative performances from the artists who both play instruments and sing to help the listeners be satisfied.

The stars will not be provided with any information about their trip and they must conquer the passersby with all their musical abilities, proving that they are true artists without prejudice in any what's situation.

#12 Camping Club

Camping Club is a reality show with a gentle, relaxing style. Famous stars will be invited to take part in the journey around the country. Their emotions and experiences during the trip will be recorded for broadcast.

When camping, they will sit down and share stories and feelings with each other, thereby connecting more closely.

#13 Newlywed Diary

With a curious name, Newlywed Diary is a Korean reality TV show that captures the lives of young couples right after getting married. The interesting stories that make the couple fall in love or the "incidents" of the first day of life shared by the couples will make you see the "romance" movies not just on the screen.

Until now, Newlywed Diary is still a Korean reality TV motif that receives much attention because of the romance that the show brings to the audience.

#14 Weekly Idol

For those of you who are Kpop fans, this is a program that is no longer strange. In Weekly Idol, new, emerging or debut groups will be invited to chat and take part in challenges. Weekly Idol's challenges are varied, but the most famous is dancing at 2x the speed.

In addition, through Weekly Idol, fans will get closer to their idols. Through questions or challenges, artists will be able to reveal rarely seen sides of themselves, talents, or secrets that are rarely revealed.


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