[KPop] TRENDING: Rapper Loco Surprises Fans, Reveals He Will Get Married This Fall

Rapper Loco is getting married!

On September 13, the rapper took to his personal Instagram account to share the happy news with fans. He explained he’s getting married to his girlfriend of 2 years.

Fans had not been aware the rapper had been dating. He revealed that he met a same-age friend whom he had grown up with after his military discharge and they ended up spending time together and developed into more than friends.

He added, “over the past two years, we’ve respected each other’s careers and shared precious happy times together. We then naturally promised to be in each other’s life forever.”

Loco says his girlfriend understands him better than anyone else and mentioned she’s the ‘soy latte’ girl he had previously mentioned in his lyrics.

Loco will hold a quiet ceremony with close family and friends.

Congratulations to LOCO and his fiancee!


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