[KPop] Apink Leader Chorong Gets Into A Car Accident, Postpones Schedules For Treatment

Apink‘s Chorong has postponed the Bangkok fan meeting due to the aftereffects of a recent car accident.

On the afternoon of September 28, an announcement was posted on Apink’s official fan cafe that the “2022 Apink CHOBOM Fanmeeting “Framely” in Bangkok” scheduled for October 1 was postponed due to the artist’s health reasons.

On August 21, Chorong was in a minor traffic accident due to a back vehicle on her way home from the practice room. Later, she complained of pain near the cervical spine.

The agency said, “Chorong is complaining of pain near the cervical spine, but she still performed in Japan with a strong will, and she is returning to Korea for taking hospital treatment, rest, and gain stability.

Chorong formed Apink’s first unit “CHOBOM” in 11 years with Yoon Bomi and released their first single album “Copycat” on July 12.

Wishing a speedy recovery to Chorong.

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