Kim Hee Sun saves actress Jung Da Hye from a facial burn

Actress Kim Hee Sun protested the “Woman of Dignity” director’s request to throw a plate of hot noodles. She is afraid that her co-star Jung Da Hye will burn her face.

On the September 9 talk show TAXI, actress Jung Da Hye revealed that Kim Hee Sun saved her from the risk of facial burns during the filming of “Woman of Dignity.”

Specifically, in episode 10 of the drama, the character Cha Ki Ok (played by Yoo Seo Jin) finds out that her husband is having an affair with Oh Kyung Hee (played by Jung Da Hye). During the argument, Cha Ki Ok decided to take revenge on Kyung Hee by throwing a plate of noodles in his face.

After the scene was aired, it quickly caught the attention of the viewers. The montage of the scene reached one million views.

At the show, Jung Da Hye revealed that the filming process was more dangerous than the audience imagined. She said that in the beginning, the director of Woman of Dignity asked the actors to finish the scene exactly as the script, which meant that Da Hye had to “be thrown a plate of hot noodles that had just been cooked, and there was still smoke in his face.”

However, Kim Hee Sun objected to the director’s request. “She earns money with her face,” Da Hye related to what Hee Sun told the director.

In addition, according to Da Hye, Hee Sun also carefully checked the props to make sure that the studio staff had cooled the noodle plate.

Recalling the shoot, the actress said that she still felt pain even though the noodles were cooled. “It hurt like I had been slapped with a rubber glove,” Da Hye described.

The actress even revealed that she was so obsessed with the scene that she couldn’t eat noodles with Alfredo sauce.

After the show aired, Korean audiences criticized the Woman of Dignity director for not prioritizing the actor’s safety during filming. Many viewers also left comments praising Kim Hee Sun’s act of protecting her co-star.