Kill Heel (2022) Review


Following last year, this year too, ‘female narrative’ is the trend in the broadcasting industry. Dramas focusing on the relationship between women and women are emerging as the mainstream. Son Ye-jin’s comeback work, JTBC’s ‘Thirty Nine’, ‘Green Mothers Club’ starring Lee Yo-won, and tvN’s ‘Little Women’ are all about to be aired as female epic dramas. Among them, tvN will show ‘Kill Heel’ starring Kim Ha-neul, Lee Hye-young, and Kim Seong-ryung, opening the door to the ‘Womans’ drama in 2022.

‘Kill Heel’ depicts the endless desire and desperate struggle of three women at home shopping. Director Noh Do-cheol and writers Shin Kwang-ho and Lee Chun-woo, who showed off their detailed directing skills with the series of ‘Partners for Justice’ and ‘Ruler: Master Of The Mask’, collaborated.

Director Noh Do-cheol said, “‘Kill Heel’ is set in home shopping around a fashion show host who is said to be the most popular these days. This is the story of a show host who always wanted to be the top, but failed and stayed in second place, and when she fell to the floor due to problems with her family, she became the top show host he wanted and received a strange proposal from the vice president.”

He continued, “It is simply a story of a fashion show host, but the messages that everyone can relate to throughout our lives are drawn so that they can be interpreted in many ways, not just one message. “He thought that we should completely turn human desires upside down,” he added.

Recently, dramas centered on female narratives with various female characters at the fore are a trend in the broadcasting industry. Director Noh Do-cheol said about the uniqueness of ‘Kill Heel’, saying, “The charm of ‘Kill Heel’ is that it is an ambiguous boundary that is not completely divided into black and white, so all the characters are two-dimensional and three-dimensional. As a director, it’s fun to interpret it, and the actors say, ‘My role is the villain. It will be a realistic yet realistic drama because it has a gray side rather than a ‘good character’.”

Kim Ha-neul will take on the role of Woo-hyeon, who is aiming for a UNI home shopping top show host position with a wriggling desire, and will portray her, who was trapped in the formula of modesty and appropriateness, and put herself in a stagnation in life, making a risky choice for the first time in her life toward the top.

Kim Ha-neul, who made a comeback to the small screen after a year with this drama, expressed her satisfaction with the story centered on a female narrative, which she had never seen for the first time. She continued, “I’ve been filming mostly with male actors unintentionally. A few years ago, I talked a lot in interviews that I wanted to shoot with actresses. There is excitement and melodrama in breathing with male actors, but I wanted to do a work that depicts female emotions while talking with actresses. I was interested in participating in this work because I thought it was a lot stronger and more expressive than I thought, and I thought I could show a lot of emotions.”

Lee Hye-young takes on the role of ‘Ki Mo Ran’, the protagonist of the myth, who became the vice president of UNI Home Shopping from a regular employee. “I feel like I have been chosen,” she said. Director Noh Do-cheol and writer Shin Kwang-ho told me that the role of Ki Mo-ran should be played by senior Lee Hye-young. “Who the hell are those gentlemen?” It would have been a disaster if I hadn’t come to the conclusion. You did a good job,” he said with satisfaction.

Kim Seong-ryeong, who has been in charge of ‘Bae Ok Seon’, a high-class and UNI home shopping signboard show host since her birth, said, “Like Hye-young Lee said, I felt a little burdened. So there was a sense of challenge, and when the tension exploded, I wondered if she would be radiated with greater energy. I haven’t been able to shoot a lot yet, but like the story of actress Kim Ha-neul, every scene is thrilling, and there is no scene that doesn’t feel burdensome, but I’m getting through it well.”

Lastly, director Noh Do-cheol said about the point of watching the drama, “I was able to collect all the actors I wanted in a short amount of time. While filming the drama, I thought, ‘It’s the casting of the enemy and there is no hole’. The actors are so good at acting that it is progressing stably despite the tight schedule.” 


  • Drama: Kill Heel
  • Native Title: 킬힐
  • Also Known As: Kilhil
  • Director: Noh Do Cheol
  • Screenwriter: Shin Kwang Ho
  • Genres: Life, Drama
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 16
  • Airs: Feb 23, 2022 – Apr 14, 2022
  • Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday
  • Original Network: tvN
  • Duration: 60 min.