K-Drama Hometown (2021)

‘Hometown’ is a 1999 mystery thriller in which a detective (Yoo Jae-Myung) who is chasing a murder case and a woman (Han Ye-ri) who is searching for her kidnapped niece (Han Ye-ri) uncover the secrets of the worst terrorist in history (Um Tae-goo). Director Park Hyun-Seok, who has been recognized for his solid directing skills through the drama ‘Secret Forest 2’, holds a megaphone, and the acting corps Yoo Jae-Myung, Han Ye-ri, and Uhm Tae-goo appear, raising expectations for explosive synergy.

Among them, Uhm Tae-goo takes on the role of Jo Kyung-ho, a prisoner who has been imprisoned for 12 years after committing the worst indiscriminate gas terrorism incident in history in 1987. Jo Kyung-ho is a mysterious person who, after returning from studying abroad, committed a terrible terror attack that caused numerous casualties by spraying nerve gas at a train station in his hometown of Saju, and then suddenly surrendered and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Above all, as mysterious incidents begin to encroach on Saju City along with the gas terror incident by Jo Kyung-ho, it raises interest in how Um Tae-goo will draw the veiled ‘Kyung-ho Jo’ character.

In the released stills, Jo Kyung-ho exudes an overwhelming force that seems to swallow the prison and steals the gaze. The mystery explodes in the cynical poker face of Jo Kyung-ho, whose meaning is unknown beyond the transparent curtain in the meeting room, causing strange tension in the viewers. In addition, when he raises his handcuffed arms, he feels relaxed and confident. As such, Uhm Tae-goo, who radiates a sense of intimidation just by restraining his existence, foretells the renewal of his life character, raising expectations for his passionate performance.


  • Drama: Hometown
  • Native Title: 홈타운
  • Also Known As: Homtaun
  • Director: Park Hyun Suk
  • Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Drama
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 6
  • Airs: Sep 22, 2021 – Oct 7, 2021
  • Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday
  • Original Network: tvN
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older
  • Stars: Yoo Jae Myung, Han Ye Ri, Uhm Tae Goo