Jung Ryeo Won And Lee Kyu Hyung’s Disney+ Original ‘Let’s Start The Debate’ Unveils First Poster And Teaser, Confirms Its Premiere Date

Disney+ original ‘Let’s Start The Debate’ starring Jung Ryeo Won and Lee Kyu Hyung has confirmed its release date with newly released teaser poster and teaser trailer.

On August 23, the online video service, OTT Disney Plus’s “Let’s Start The Debate” released its first poster teaser and teaser trailer.

“Let’s Start The Debate” is a legal mystery that tracks the truth in the case that Noh Chok Hee played by Jung Ryeo Won, a toxic lawyer who does anything for success, and Jwa Shi Baek played by Lee Kyu Hyung, a unique lawyer who is not afraid of anything, work together.

In the teaser poster released, Jung Ryeo Won is looking straight ahead with a relaxed expression. Along with the phrase, “The winning rate is 92%, ‘Crazy Dog’ is coming,” Jung Ryeo Won, who plays the role of “No Chok Hee,” an ace lawyer who does anything to win, is shown.

The teaser trailer showcases the opposite charm of Jung Ryeo Won and Lee Kyu Hyung. With ice cream in one hand, Lee Kyu Hyung focuses on the case file with a serious expression, and the caption “Oddball” foretells the unexpected charm of left-handedness. Jung Ryeo Won quickly smiles at someone who visited the office even though they tore up the paper as if they were angry. Attention is focused on how the story will proceed with the two people’s two-sided characteristics.

Meanwhile, the episode of “Let’s Begin The Debate” is made with the motive of showing the actual event in the drama.

The drama is set to premiere in September.

Are you excited about this drama?

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