Joo Jong Hyuk Talks About The Hate He received For His Role In “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Does It Make Him Feel Bad?

Joo Jong Hyuk features on the cover of Harpar Bazar magazine, speaks about his character Kwon Min Woo in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and more.

Rookie actor Joo Jong Hyuk who is now receiving the most attention for the popular drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” met Harpar Bazar. Although he was nicknamed the trickster for his role as “Kwon Min Woo,” in reality he is a diligent student who has learned Taekwondo from an early age and has a long career as a bartender. There is a rumor that he showed the true face of an actor with various emotions on his face through this pictorial, which displays his bright image.

In the ensuing interview, he spoke about how he felt about playing the only villain in the drama where all the other roles are loved,

“Even my family curses my character in the drama. My father always comes to my Instagram and says, “Your followers reduced by a thousand today. Stop being mean.” Not too long ago, I got 200,000 followers on Instagram, as soon as I hit that mark, my dad took a screenshot and said, “Congratulations! “You have 200,000 Followers.” So even if my character is hated, I’m happy. At first, I wondered, “Are you cursing at me?” Or are you swearing at Kwon Min Woo?’ but now I take it as a compliment that I did well.

He thanked fans for showing interest in his character, adding,

Thank you for your interest. My favorite nickname is “Countryside hybrid Jong Hyuk” among my nicknames such as Trickster Kwon Min Woo and Stone Kwon Min Woo. He often played the role of a simple young man in independent films. I think it fits well with my image.

Do you like his look?

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