Jinx (2021) Review



“Jinx”, directed by Nam Tae-jin, scripted by Moon Un-young, produced by Studio S, FNC Story, Mace Entertainment, is a fantasy in which ‘Gyu-han’ has a ‘jinx’ who has bad luck every time he sneezes, struggles to win the truth of his unrequited love. It’s a sympathetic romance.

Kang Chan-hee takes on the role of Gyu-han, who looks like an ordinary college student, but is a rare, unlucky man with a jinx that makes his wish come true when he sneezes. Misfortune has become a daily life due to uncontrollable sneezing jinx, such as being suddenly struck by lightning, missing a bus, or even losing money to rogue teenagers. He is also the last pure man.

Kang Chan-hee caught his attention as a child actor of famous actors such as Kim Jae-won and Song Joong-ki, and he has built up numerous acting careers over the years. After appearing in the JTBC drama that aroused public interest, he has proven his acting skills by taking on various characters such as a popular idol member and a genius singer of the Goryeo period in several works. Besides, acted as beyond child actors and acting idols, he is recognized as an actor with solid acting skills, and expectations are being put on how he will express an attractive character with both innocence and cute nerd beauty in “Jinx”.

Cosmic girl Eun-Seo takes on the role of Se-Kyung, a fellow part-timer who works at the same store as Gyu-Han and is always chic. Se-Kyung has a pretty appearance that catches her attention wherever she goes, but she is a person who looks heartless with her sharp behavior and cold tone of voice. Although she seems to have no interest in her romance as she hits an infinite wall of love despite the attacks of affection from the opposite sex, she is a character with a reversal charm that has a soft side and painful memories in the corner of her heart.

Eunseo, a cosmic girl who has built up her acting career step by step through web dramas such as the ‘The Secret of the Grand Mansion: The Missing Girls’ series and ‘Dalgona’, plans to perfectly digest the role of Se-Kyung with her natural acting skills and neat and sophisticated visuals. In particular, as Sekyung is a so-called cold beauty character full of chic and coldness, I am looking forward to the chemistry between the hot and cold temperatures to show with Kang Chan-hee, who plays the impeccable Gyu-Han role.

Meanwhile, the “Jinx” poster released by Kakao Entertainment is also raising fans’ expectations. As Kang Chan-Hee and Cosmic Girl Eun-Seo face each other and hold hands, the phrase ‘Can we love?’ overlaps between the two, stimulating curiosity. Interest is increasing as to what kind of story will unfold between the pure straight man Kyu-Han and Se-Kyung, who seems not to be interested in love, and whether Kyu-Han will be able to overcome the jinx and achieve romance.


  • Drama: Jinx
  • Native Title: 징크스
  • Also Known As: Jingkeuseu
  • Director: Nam Tae Jin
  • Screenwriter: Moon Woo Young
  • Genres: Romance, Fantasy
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 10
  • Aired: Oct 6, 2021 – Nov 6, 2021
  • Aired On: Wednesday, Saturday
  • Original Network: Daum Kakao TV
  • Duration: 15 min.
  • Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older