Izakaya Shinkansen (2021) Review


The main character Takamiya into is an office worker in Baoxiangongsi internal audit unit serving his young life is indeed fortunate, is at the end of a business trip, enjoys local food takeaway on the Shinkansen backhaul. In this drama, the main character of a salaryman, Takamiya, a gourmet is enjoying the local take-out on a business trip on the return Shinkansen. He will enjoy a person’s food time, eating the train bento, local cuisine, local sake, craft beer, and desserts excavated at the business trip.

Takamiya Susumu is a salary man. He works in the audit division of an insurance company. His job has him traveling all over the country on one-day business trips via the Shinkansen train. When he visits an area on his business trips, he likes to find delicious food nearby and gets it to go. On his return, via the Shinkansen train, he eats the meals that he bought. The train becomes like an izakaya to him, a place to relax with good food and drinks.

Hidekazu Mashima, who plays Takamiyajin, said that when he heard the theme of the series, he felt so simple, but at the same time, he was looking forward to it. Moreover, his business trips are located in the Tohoku region, and he is even more delighted when he comes from Yamagata Prefecture. “In this way, the “Izakaya Shinkansen” is about to open under the temptation of small food in the middle of the night. Everyone must try to open their own “Izakaya Shinkansen”! It’s fun!”

In the first episode “New Aomori”, the protagonist Takamiyajin (Majima Hidekazu) will go to Aomori on a business trip. He fights hard with the local Tsugaru-speaking market clerk. After that, he buys local delicacies and the Japanese sake “Kikunoi” produced in Aomori on the Shinkansen. Open a meal. Among them, Chiharu Johor Bahru will perform Shinobu Yokoyama, a clerk at the Aomori Fish Market.

Other guests include Oishi Goro in Chapter 3 “Furukawa Chapter”, acting as the owner of a local sake specialty store, Chapter 7 “Utsunomiya-Ancient Sake Chapter” Nakamizuma Ryuen cave wine cellar shop assistant, Chapter 8 “Hachinohe Chapter” Sakai Zhen Ji acts as the bar proprietress. In addition, Mari Hoshino will play the protagonist Takamiya Jin’s wife.

This work is a take-out gourmet drama where the Shinkansen on the way back from a business trip becomes a tavern space. Takamiya’s secret pleasure is to enjoy the local take-out gourmet found on a business trip on the return Shinkansen . Originality over full lunches and regional cuisine, the local sake, and craft beer. With all the sweets you shouldn’t forget, the Shinkansen will be reborn as a luxurious izakaya space.

The drama will leave a lot of impressions on how to enjoy delicious dishes from each region. Time and space are meaningless, enjoying every earthly delicacy is priceless. Let’s watch the movie to feel better!


  • Drama: Izakaya Shinkansen
  • Native Title: #居酒屋新幹線
  • Genres: Food, Life
  • Country: Japan
  • Episodes: 6
  • Airs: Dec 14, 2021 – Jan 18, 2022
  • Airs On: Tuesday
  • Original Network: MBS, TBS
  • Duration: 30 min.