ITZY, 8th on the US Billboard 200… own top ranking


Group ITZY took 8th place on the US Billboard main chart ‘Billboard 200’. 

According to the chart released on July 30th by Billboard on the official website, ITZY’s 5th mini album ‘CHECKMATE’, released on the 15th, entered the 8th place on the Billboard main chart ‘Billboard 200’. 

This is significant as it ranks higher than the regular 1st album ‘CRAZY IN LOVE’ released in September last year, which entered the chart at 11th place, and also breaks its own best performance. 

In addition, the new album ‘CHECKMATE’ and the title song ‘SNEAKERS’ are ranked in 16 of the latest Billboard charts, such as ‘World Album’, ‘Top Album Sales’, ‘Top Current Album Sales’, etc., achieving success. 

This is about twice as high as the Initial 259,705 copies of the 1st full-length album ‘CRAZY IN LOVE’ released in September last year. 

The title song ‘SNEAKERS’, where you can meet ITZY members’ lively visuals and free-spirited energy, is drawing a steep rise in popularity.



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