For me, it would be Wanna One’s Energetic or iKON My Type

1. I’m another group’s fan and Winner’s Empty 

2. Seventeen’s debut song hit super daebak too no??

> Adore U did well 

3. SHINee Replay 

4. Ft. Island Love Sick and CNBlue Loner

5. Energetic 

6. Wow Love Sick and Loner were seriously the real dealㅋㅋ These were debut songs?

> Yup yup those 2 songs were both debut songs.. They really hit super daebak 

7. Seventeen Adore U 

8. YG’s survival show was so hot that Winner and iKON’s debut were highly anticipated ㅋㅋㅎㅎㅋㅋ Those 2 groups’ debut were legendary..

9. My type was their debut song?

10. Replay 

11. Bad Girl Good Girl, Alone, Love Sick, Loner, Empty and My Type

12. Adore U and Love Sick 

13. Empty 

14. Energetic 

15. Loner was oba, it was way too unrivaled as a debut song. 


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