“Japan vibesㅋㅋㅋ”

Aren’t these totally my boyfriend’s pictures?…

1. Every time I see him, I always feel like Sungchan is good at dressing himself

2. Please have Sungchan make his own Insta, please

3. Taro took these right?? He’s good at taking pictures… Sungchan is super handsome too..

4. Seriously, it looks like a photoshoot taken in the streets

5. Wow freaking handsome

6. I’m wishing for Sungchan’s own Insta

7. Wow these pictures are so well taken. They are just perfect

8. His face is just legendary… so praiseworthy

9. The vibe in the first picture is awesome

10. These look like a photoshoot. He wears his clothes so well, his aura is good and his face is also super handsome…


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