2022 Melon chart entry listeners count 

columns: ranking, song, # of listeners, release time, ranking during chart entry

1. Yet To Come (BTS) – 53K 

2. Glitch Mode (NCT DREAM) – 48K

3. Feel My Rhythm (RV) – 41K 

4. If We Ever Meet Again (Im Youngwoong) – 38K 

5. Beatbox (NCT DREAM) – 37K 

6. That That (Psy & Suga) – 36K 

7. Born Singer (BTS) – 35K 

8. INVU (Taeyeon) – 33K

9. Run BTS (BTS) – 33K

10. Child (Mark) – 33K 

11. Attention (NewJeans) – 32K 

12. Love Dive (IVE) – 32K 

13. Left & Right (Jungkook & Charlie Puth) – 31K 

14. Ganadara (IU & Jay Park) – 31K 

15. For Youth BTS) – 31K 

16. Fire Alarm (NCT DREAM) – 31K 

17. Rainbow (Im Youngwoong) – 31K 

18. Arcade (NCT DREAM) – 30K 

19. It’s Yours (NCT DREAM) – 30K 

20. Father (Im Youngwoong) – 29K 

21. _WORLD (Seventeen) – 28K 

Last year, my bias had around 30K listeners and they couldn’t even enter melon’s TOP100, right now, they’re all at the top of the ranking

1. It’s true that the number of listeners dropped, but people were still able to enter the charts at 30K listeners though?

2. I use Youtube Music a lot 

3. I only use Apple Music 

4. No matter how you look at it, so many people switched over to Youtube and once you sign in, you don’t have ads and you can even use Red for free

5. If you compared this with 2017-2018, it indeed decreased a lot… I would say it dropped by half?

6. I’ve used Melon for 8 years and even I don’t use it anymore 

7. Me too I use Youtube Music… Even though I’ve been on a single path with Melon all my life 

8. Me too, I’m with Spotify now 

9. I switched over Youtube Music for over a year nowㅋㅋㅋ

10. The conclusion is get rid of Melon 


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