They’re confirmed to be only 10 for the tour…Ha

1. This company seriously… Wow… But for real, the tour schedule is oba…

2. Yah…. At this point I’m just amazed at them…ㅋㅎ

3. This company just seems too dangerous

4. Are they going to keep losing people one by one like that….?

5. I saw their last concert and they were only 7 people, how many of them can actually tour right now..? The other members’ health are still fine..? 

6. At first, I used to like them, but now it’s just getting weirder and weirder.. The fact that they can even attend those schedules is weird too 

7. Are they joking?

8. The fact that we don’t even know where Yerimie is hurting is even more worrying……

9. So the sick members are just left out to rest a bit and they’ll come back on tour? This just seems dangerous… The company isn’t protecting the artists at all, they’re only there for the money 

10. Someone fainted too.. This is too severe, are they in such a huge deficit that they’re forcing the world tour like that?


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