Ezra Miller, who has been embroiled in various controversies and has been at the center of gossips, is reported to be walking around the United States wearing a bulletproof vest with a gun.

Business Insider reported on the 4th (local time) that Ezra Miller was driving around the United States wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying a gun.

According to them, he is currently obsessed with the idea of ​​being pursued by the FBI or the KKK, a white supremacist organization.

Tokata Iron Eyes, an 18-year-old traveling with Miller whose parents have sought a restraining order against the star, called the body armor “a fashionable safety measure in response to actual attacks and received death threats.”

However, his friends are concerned that Ezra Miller has lost a lot of his sense of reality. Stating he had a mental illness based on his behavior.

Meanwhile, Ezra Miller is in the worst crisis of her career as he was caught making a fuss in a bar, got arrested and tried for second-degree assault, and is embroiled in juvenile grooming charges.

Because of this, the future of ‘The Flash’, the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) movie he is scheduled to appear in, remains unknown. However, Warner Bros. said that the film will be released on June 23, 2023 as scheduled, as the filming of the film has already been completed and Miller appears in almost every scene.

1. He’s seriously not in his right mind….

2. Ha I seriously wonder how he became that way, I feel bad for him but I’m also pissed

3. ?? What the? Seriously why is he like that..

4. Leave him at a mental institution..


5. Yah please drop him off already… Seriously he’ll k*ll someone if he continues like that

6. At this rate it’s not just mere suspicions anymore..

7. Why is he acting up all of a sudden?

8. He either has schizophrenia or he got completely brainwashed by a sect

People are even more shocked by his actions because when he came to promote Fantastic Beast in Korea, he didn’t act like that at all. 

First of all, he needs to be sent to a hospital 

9. Does this country imprison people with mental diseases?

10. His movie with DC where he plays the main hero will be in trouble….. 


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